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Residential Painting Services

Interior Painting Services Include – Custom Color Painting, Drywall Repairs, Staining, Wall Paper Removal, Caulking, Water Damage Repair and Custom Trim Installation.

All of our residential painting jobs can be broken down into three phases:

Preparation Phase:

• Remove all pictures and wall decor
• Consolidate furniture or remove it from the room
• Tape, tarp, plastic and cover all furniture and surfaces
• Properly prepare the surface to be painted – sand, scrape, caulk, prime and spackle to make the surface ready for paint

Painting Phase:

• Apply Sherwin Williams (or Equivalent) 0VOC paints as specified in the contract.

Clean Up Phase:

• Vacuum areas which were painted
• Put room back together to its original condition

At the end of each residential job, the on-site foreman conducts a walk-through inspection with the home owner to ensure complete 100% satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our priority.